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Standard PCB Capabilities – Standard PCB

Categories No. Items PCB process parameters Remarks
Normal process Medium difficulty High difficulty  
Non-standard review Unable to make  
product type 1 Multilayer PCB Layers 3L≤Layers≤16L 18L≤Layers≤24L ≥24L    
2 Blind and Buried Vias HDI(1+1+….+N+……+1+1) Anylayer HDI HDI(2+…+N…+2)   If meet the requirements of 2, 6, and 19 at the same time, it is classified as a high requirement product (thickness to diameter ratio, copper thickness of hole)
3 Surface Coating HASL(+gold finger),immersion gold, Immersion Gold +gold fingers with hard gold,OSP (+gold finger with hard gold), Immersion Tin (+gold finger with hard gold) (Not two different surface finish),Immersion Tin Local immersion gold (long or short gold fingers, segmented gold finger craft) Exceed this range require unconventional production processes   Partial immersion gold, thickness of gold or nickel reference to the thickness of the coating
4 Board Material FR-4;aluminum,Rogers4 series + FR-4 mixed(The Prepreg is ShengYi brand and ROGERS4403 series);CEM-3、LianMao IT158/IT180A Pure ROGERS4 series multi-layer board (Prepreg is 4450F),PTFE、aluminum+FR4、PTFE+FR4 Exceed this range require unconventional production processes Pure PTFE multi-layer board Pure PTFE can’t be made because the lamination temperature isn’t up to standard,Can‘t laminate Rogers copper foil directly
Drills 5 Drill diameter Nc drill 0.20mm≤Drill diameter≤6.5mm More than 6.0mm using CNC milling
hole diameter 0.2mm: maximum board thickness 1.6mm
hole diameter diameter 0.25mm:maximum board thickness 2.0mm,
hole diameter 0.3mm≤Ф≤0.35mm, maximum board thickness 3.2 mm,
hole diameter 0.4mm≤Ф≤0.55mm, maximum board thickness 4.8 mm,
hole diameter>0.55mm maximum board thickness 6.4 mm
6.5mm or more ±0.1mm ≤ hole diameter tolerance (using CNC milling for 6.5mm or more) The drill diameter more than 6.0mm, the hole diameter tolerance less than ±0.1mm. If exceed this range require unconventional production processes   Drill diameter below 0.2mm, and the aspect ratio≥10, which is medium difficulty
6 Thickness to diameter ratio Thickness to diameter ratio≤8 8 10 Thickness to diameter ratio greater than 12 when the aperture cannot be compensated If need to meet the requirement of 2, 6, and 19, it will be treat as high requirement product.
7 countersink hole diameter 3.0mm≤hole diameter≤6.5mm   Unconventional production beyond this range   Countersink depth tolerance is controlled 0.15mm
Angle 90°   Unconventional production beyond this range  
8 Hole position tolerances ±0.075mm   ±0.05mm <+ />-0.05mm  
9 hole diameter tolerance PTH ±0.075mm or no customer requirements ±0.05≤ hole diameter tolerance <±0.75mm <±0.05mm <+ />-0.05mm Metallized hole diameter tolerance of 6.0mm or more refers to the requirement of serial number 5
NPTH ≥±0.075mm   <±0.05mm <+ />-0.025mm
Special hole pressfit ≤±0.05 \ \    
non-plated Countersink/Counterbore holes(NPTH) hole diameter <10mm:tolerance ±0.15mm,hole=±0.15mm,hole diameter=diameter ≥10mm:tolerance=≥10mm:tolerance ±=± 0.20mm=0.20mm \ \    
non-plated Countersink/Counterbore holes(NPTH) hole diameter <10mm:tolerance ±0.2mm=±0.2mm
hole diameter ≥10mm:tolerance+0.3mm
\ \    
10 Hole to hole spacing component hole ≥10MIL 8≤Hole to hole spacing≤10 7≤Hole to hole spacing≤8 <7mil  
via(≤0.45mm) ≥8MIL        
11 Slot (Cut-out) Slot width Plated slot ≥0.5mm
Non-plated slot ≥0.8mm
\ \   More than 1.0mm, can be slot by machine
Length to width ratio of slot Length to width≥2 Length to width<2      
12 Castellated Holes Castellated Holes diameter ≥0.5mm 0.5mm>diameter≥0.4mm \    
Castellated Holes spacing (edge to edge) ≥0.3mm 0.3mm>diameters≥0.2mm \    
  13 Minimum isolation ring of Inner layer,
The distance between minimum hole in Inner layer and circuit (before compensation)
4L ≥7MIL 6MIL≤isolation ring, distance<7mil 5MIL≤isolation ring, distance<6mil   If the size of one side is greater than 600MM, the inner hole to line and the hole to copper spacing must be greater than or equal to 15mil. If less than 15mil, it must be treated as unconventional review. The conventional process of 10 layers or more need to be incremented by 1 mil for each additional 2 layers. Change the isolation ring to 12mil or more as much as possible
  6L ≥8MIL 6.5MIL≤isolation ring, distance<8mil 6MIL≤isolation ring, distance<6.5mil  
  8L ≥9MIL 7MIL≤isolation ring, distance<9mil 6MIL≤isolation ring, distance<7mil  
  ≥10L ≥10MIL 8MIL≤isolation ring, distance<10mil<9MIL 7MIL≤isolation ring, distance<8mil  
image transfer 14 The min width/spacing of inner layer (before compensation) cooper thickness 18um ≥4/4 mil ≥4/3.5 mil   <3.5 />3 mil width/spacing
cooper thickness 35um ≥4/5 mil ≥4/4 mil   <3.5 />4 mil width/spacing
cooper thickness 70um ≥6/8mil ≥6/7mil   <5 />6 mil width/spacing
cooper thickness 105um ≥8/11 mil ≥8/10 mil   <6 />9 mil width/spacing
15 The min width/spacing of outer layer (before compensation) cooper thickness 18um ≥4/5 mil ≥4/4 mil or parts 3.5/3.5mil   <3.5 />3.5 mil Local 3.5/3.5mil, only the distance from the GBA chip area line to the PAD
cooper thickness 35um ≥5/6 mil ≥5/5 mil   <4 />4 mil  
cooper thickness 70um ≥7/8mil ≥6/7mil   <5 />6 mil  
cooper thickness 105um ≥10/12 mil ≥8/10 mil   <6 />9 mil  
16 grid trace width/spacing cooper thickness 18um ≥7/9 mil ≥6/8 mil   <6 />7 mil  
cooper thickness 35um ≥9/11 mil ≥8/10 mil   <8 />9 mil  
cooper thickness 70um ≥11/13mil ≥10/12mil   <10 />11 mil  
cooper thickness 105um ≥13/15 mil ≥12/14 mil   <12 />13 mil  
17 Minimum weld ring (outer layer) cooper thickness 18um via hole ≥5mil ≥4mil <3 mil=mil    
component hole ≥8mil ≥6mil <6 mil=mil    
cooper thickness 35um via hole ≥5mil ≥4mil <3 mil=mil    
component hole ≥10mil ≥8mil <8 mil=mil    
cooper thickness 70um via hole ≥7mil ≥6mil <5 mil=mil    
component hole ≥12mil ≥10mil <10 mil=mil    
cooper thickness 105um via hole ≥8mil ≥6mil <6 mil=mil    
component hole ≥14mil ≥12mil <12 mil=mil    
18 width tolerance   width tolerance:≥±20% ±10%≤ width tolerance:<±20% <±10%   spacing must meet the requirements of 11 and 12, lf width is greater than 15mil, controlled by ±2.5mil
BGA pad diameter hot air leveling (original) ≥12MIL ≥10MIL   <8mil  
immersion gold (original) diameter≥11mil 8.0mil≤diameter<11.0mil   <6mil  
19 Line to board edge distance CNC milling 0.25mm 0.20mm <0.20mm    
SMT width   ≥12mil ≥9mil <9mil以下   <7mil,except the=the binding=binding board=board
Metal plating 20 Plating Thickness(µin) Electroless Nickel-Immersion Gold,ENIG Nickel thickness 100-150 µin 200 µin      
gold thickness 1-8 µin     >8 µin  
Full board gold plating Nickel thickness 100-150 µin   200-500 µin   Order center check the final price
gold thickness 1-10 µin 10-50 µin   >50 µin
gold finger Nickel thickness 120-150 µin   200-400 µin  
gold thickness 1-30 µin 30-50 µin   >50 µin
21 Hole copper thickness (µm) Through hole 18-25 µm 30-50 µm >50 µm   If 2,6,19 is required to exist at the same time, it will be treated as high requirement. The thickness of the copper is 25-50UM, and the thickness of the copper is required to be 2-3OZ generally.
Blind hole (mechanical hole) 18-25 µm 30-50 µm >50 µm
Buried hole 15-25 µm 30-50 µm >50 µm
22 Bottom copper thickness Inner and outer copper thickness (OZ) 0.5-4 4-6   >6  
solder mask 23 solder mask green solder mask opening(mil) ≥2mil 1.5 1   1mil is only concentrated in the BGA area. If the window can be enlarged, increase it as much as possible, but the maximum is 3mil
green solder mask Bridge(mil) cooper thicknesss<2oz 4(spacing between ICs is 8 mil, green oil),variegated or black oil≥4.5mil 3-4(spacing between ICs is 7-8 mil, green oil),variegated or black oil≥4mil      
cooper thicknesss≥2OZ 5 4      
Plug Hole diameter 0.20mm≤hole diameter≤0.40mm,plug hole fullness 70% 0.4mm< hole diameter ≤0.70mm fullness 100%    
Plug Hole board thickness 0.40mm≤board thickness≤2.4mm >2.4MM      
24 solder mask solder mask color Green, matt green, blue, red, black, matte black, white, yellow \ \   Special colors need to be purchased or deployed in advance
silkscreen 25 Etched silkscreen (finished copper thickness) Copper thickness 18um word width/word height 8MIL/40MIL 7MIL/35MIL      
Copper thickness 35um word width/word height 9MIL/40MIL 8MIL/35MIL      
Copper thickness 75um word width/word height 12MIL/60MIL 10MIL/50MIL      
Copper thickness 105um word width/word height 16MIL/60MIL 14MIL/50MIL      
outline 26 Maximum board thickness Double PCB 3.2MM 4.5MM >4.5MM   calculated by 4 layers if the thickness more than 3mm
Multilayer layer board 3.2MM 4.5MM >4.5MM    
27 Minimum board thickness (single and double panel refers to substrate thickness) Single or Double side PCB (pcb prototype) ≥0.3mm 0.25mm      
4L ≥0.60mm 0.40mm <0.40mm    
6L ≥0.9mm 0.70mm <0.70mm    
8L ≥1.20mm 1.00mm <1.00mm    
10L ≥1.40mm 1.20mm <1.20mm    
12L ≥1.70mm 1.50mm <1.50mm    
14L ≥2.00mm 1.80mm <1.80mm    
28 thickness (T) tolerance MM (multilayer layer pcb) T≤1.0 ±0.10   Need to review if less than the tolerance   If the tolerance is unilateral tolerance, the tolerance shall be double tolerance value, such as: 1.8mm requires positive tolerance, the tolerance shall be 0-0.36mm
1.0<t≤1.6< td=”"> ±0.13  
1.6<t≤2.5< td=”"> ±0.18  
2.5<t≤3.2< td=”"> ±0.23  
T≥3.2 ±8%  
29 Maximum finished board size Single and double side PCB 508×610mm Beyond this range needs to be reviewed    
Multilayer Layer PCB 508×600mm
30 Minimum finished pcb size   ≥20mm 10mm≤Size<20mm <10mm    
31 Beveling for gold finger Bevel angle 20°30°45°60°   <20°or>60°    
Bevel angle tolerance >±5° ±5° <±5°    
Bevel depth tolerance tolerance≥±0.15mm ±0.15mm< Tolerance ≤ ±0.1mm tolerance<±0.10mm    
32 Shape tolerance   tolerance≥±0.15mm ±0.10mm≤tolerance<±0.15mm   Tolerance<±0.10mm or=or more=more than=than two=two form=form form=form form=form form=form form=form form=form form=form form=form tolerance=tolerance control=control  
33 V-CUT Angle 20°30°45°60°        
The Maximum number of V-CUT In 20 times In 30 times In 40 times    
Width of the shape 80MM< width <560mm 60MM< width <80mm width <60mm    
board thickness 0.6MM≦thickness≦2.4MM 0.5MM≦thickness<0.6mm thickness<0.5mm or=or thickness=thickness>2.4MM   below 0.5mm is single-sided V-CUT
Remaining thickness ≥0.25MM     <0.25mm  
V-CUT Conventional V-CUTT、V-CUT: Skip V-CUT \ \    
others 34 panel size The minimum panel size ≥100*120mm \ <100*120mm   The thickness of the finished board is less than 0.4MM, the panel size can’t exceed 14inch, and the maximum size of the HASL PCB can’t exceed 24inch
the Maximum panel size ≤20*24 inch \ Need to review if beyond range  
35 impedance control Impedance control tolerance ±10%,50Ω and below:±5Ω \ <±10%,50ω and=and below=below <±5Ω    
bow and twist bow and twist tolerance bow and twist≥0.75% 0.75%≤bow and twist≤0.5% bow and twist<0.5%   asymmetry boards bow and twist tolerance 1.2%
36 HASL processing capacity component hole diameter hole diameter>0.5mm 0.4mm≤hole diameter≤0.5mm      
board thickness 0.5mm≤board thickness≤3.5mm 0.4mm≤board thickness<0.5mm      
thickness 2um≤thickness of Tin≤30um \ \    
37 Acceptance Criteria IPC standard IPC2 level standard IPC Level 3 standard